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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The third of these grand scapes is the oldest - theme/titled "Metatropolis".... it was to be a cityscape on the grand canyon, as if Frank Lloyd Wright would have done it... it was to be a huge undertaking, with hundreds of various buildings along the cliff walls, with cantilevered pools and yards and gardens cascading downward to the river below - a lush terraforming... and, because of the amount of buildings involved, was put aside for later times - which have yet to come... again, this was conceived as one of the picture window 4 x 8 works... there were even considered variations of it - one using the gooseneck area, so to be able to contrast the uncultured with the civilized... part of the problem, tho, was in creating a work which stood on its own without being propagandist - something not so readily overlooked in this case... remember, the purpose of art is 'to show', to present an idealized view of a world in which the successfulness has come to pass, a pro-human world made in a human flourishing image, and contrasting that with the given from which came the transformation - and further, to present this as the normal course of events, as the proper sphere of human activity, as something to be proud of and glory in...

Friday, June 09, 2006

The second of these grand scapes is one almost too ambitious at present to do, only with extended time involved in mapping it out would do it justice - The Hanging Gardens...... unlike the proverbial Babylonian version, this is to be a true hanging one - or, as in perhaps fact it would be, a floating one - as it would be a spacial one, as if in the midst of an exploded or expanded Ceres , with three moebus strips twined, each being a specific aspect or kind of garden [rainforest, desert, and temperate].... there is also an a unique aspect to this in that, properly, there would be no 'top' nor 'bottom' to this rendering - that it could in fact be place in any 'direction' and be correct in it viewing, and further, that none of these directions would imply any difference to the others metaphysically.... at the same time, this would be kept in an interest drawing rendering, full of nonstatic composing.... the initial idea was to be one of the Visioneer Windows sized works, 48x96 - and it may still be rendered as such, depending oh how much is desired to be placed within each of the various gardens, since each strips is of course being rendered on the length of the strip, leaving the impression of being on both sides, even as, of course, there is only one side to a moebus strip....