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Monday, March 07, 2005

The first issue to be given concern in each work is what is considered as the 'universe' within which is done the work.... this is the space of the canvas or illoboard or such between the edges.... here is where one gives the metaphysics of the work - what kind of a world is to be it a world of recognizability, or is it one of flux? is it one of identity, or is it of impossibilities? is it to be a life affirming, or is it to be one in which life is a disparant? is it one in which this life includes the human, or is it one which marginalizes the human, or is it one in which the human does not exist? is it a world in which the fundamentals are as they are in this real one of ours, or is it a world in which the trivial consists of the whole?
It would seem that these issues were to have been taken care of in dealing with the ethics of the work - but no so, as these ethics need be placed within the confinements of this universe, and therefore it makes a difference as to how these ethics can function relative to the given universe as presented.... this becomes more particular when the idea of what constitutes fantasy versus what constitutes imaginating - and to be sure, the two are distinctly different, with different accommodations in being able to deal with the visualizing...... much comes from the initial biologicalness of the evolvement of the cognitivness of being human - the recognition that what evolves is as such because of its practicalness in furthering survivability [ and here am not refering to the 'feelers' as mutations go, but the enduring ones that carry on the various species, especially humans]... remember, while reason is the fundamental means of human survival, it has to be learned, and along with this, appreciated for its importance, NOT as a so-called 'necessary evil' frame of mind, but as an integral aspect of the flourishing as being human..... therefore, it becomes imperative that the discards of the irrational are seen for what they are, and not mourned as something to be wished for even if not possible to be in reality... it should also be added that this should be such that the reality is to be DESIRED, in the full recognition that it is of immense more enjoyableness than whatever fantasy was wanted beforehand - and that this is the consequence of self-responsibility, of ably and wantingly accepting the capacity of being able to deal in the world, of understanding the difference between the earned and the unearned - and the inhumanness of the latter......