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Saturday, May 06, 2006

On a related matter, there is the issue of the 'grand landscapes'... for me, there are at present three essential ones desired yet not yet done for technical reasons - their detail is almost overwhelming, tho of necessity... one is theme/titled "Fugue"... it is a scene taken from the back door of a place once workd at many years ago [indeed, the idea dates from the 70's] - the ground is stones and gravel of various sizes, back to the wood fence behind, in front of which grows bamboo... above it all are the telephone wires, a pole is seen on left side [and behind fence].... on the wires are birds, starlings perhaps, or a mix having sparrows - these, using the wires as the lines of music, provide the melody of the fugue [perhaps Bach's little fugue, or the Toccatta], which is picked up by the leaves of the bamboo shoots, with the stones in the gravel being as a base pedal notating.... not the whole fugue - which would make for an excessively long work - but enough for first set....... as stated, is a very straight-forward description - but, to do, is an immense task yet to do..... but the end effect - a work of wonder and delight to explore, and a dandy office piece to display... what, tho, is the sense of life being displayed? what importance is being noted and explored? does it require a specific fugue to do this, or any one would do? what size would be required - and here, had thought initially of the picture window size of 4'x8', but now realize needs more a ratio of 2'x8'... and - a note not considered initially - needs be in color, or would a pen/ink be best?