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Saturday, September 12, 2009

One way to best see how to spiritually visualize pride is to utilize its opposite - humility, the vice most often claimed as a virtue... bourne out of a worldview which emphasized submission to authority, a worldview which supported human domestication [otherwise known as slavery], it is little wonder humility has been touted as a virtue for millenia - even as in fact it is inimical to the well-being of human flourishing... humility is defined as 'the quality of having a low estimate of one's importance, worthiness, or merits; marked by the absence of self-assertion or self-exaltation'.... it is the willingness to be imperfect, which means the indifference to moral values and to oneself - self-abnegation - the antithesis of morality... it is, as such, a profoundly anti- human mentality, and as such inimical to the achievement of self-esteem and to, as consequence, a commitment to self- improvement [because self-improvement requires self-esteem] - humility is the conviction that one is doomed to deficiency, which is disabling because it undermines a person's motivation to seek to act as should, to create a false break between a 'could' and an 'ought ' to be... as such, then, the results would be to 'why bother', since the end would seem be an assured failure... this is as can be seen, hardly a means of survival as a human, far less than a flourishing - and the opposite of any human spiritual visualizing...


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