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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If the virtue of honesty means that " must never attempt to fake reality in any manner', then intellectual honesty means one must always take ideas seriously - and that in turn means to live by, to practice, any idea one accepts as true... by inference, it also means to discard the ideas seen as not true... in the pursuit of knowledge, this means recognising that knowledge is a means to an end and that end is practicalizing it - for that is the purpose of acquiring the knowledge - to the furtherance of one's own wellbeing, one's flourishing... to the spiritual visualizer, this means that in the showing, one must adhere to what is or could be - the logical projections of the possible, as far as the imagination of the visualizer can show... this also means, conversely, that one must never show the known to be impossible - the fantasy - for to do so is to sanction the non-real as of having importance and in some manner holding sway over reality... that is why there is a distinction between fantasizing and imaginating - and that only in utilizing the latter is one holding to honesty as a spiritual visualizer, of assigning value to that which is and which could possibly be.... anything less would be injustice....


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