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Friday, July 06, 2007

"The Birthing Tree" goes further in transition - not only are the islets of the sea now replaced by islets on tops of mounds among rock canyons, it has become a part of a series... the series in mind, tho, is not one of several variations, but as part of a continual viewing of a landscape, culminating in a 360 degree imagined landscape.... each part a work standing on its own, yet together comprising the viewing... moreover, there would/will be time-of-day differences among them, as well as seasonal differences, and as well as the issue of color - each depending on the merits of the individual works themselves.... for instance, an old and lost work, one done on canvasboard many years ago, "Cornered Stone" is to be the work to the left of "Birthing Tree", and the three parts which will comprise "Rite of Spring" may well be those to the right of "Birthing Tree".... this way, can comprise theming more easily and revive old works with new materials and updated vision......


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