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Sunday, May 20, 2007

One of the notions being presented by many is the issue of beauty - in that to include only the perfection of form within a work is not to be faithful to reality.... however, this precludes the nature of art to begin with - it is not a recorder of reality, for that is the business of the photographer... its purpose is to show, to present the essence of that which is important to the artist - the fundamentality of the nature of the world around the artist, a striving to look up to, in the same essential manner the Greeks did with their sculptures... it is as such the same with beauty contests, which actually strive to present in a person the essence of a kind, a personification as it were of the best within a person, overtly physically, and invertly the implication that the mind is of equal value and humanness as the figure... as such, for the spiritual visualizer, it is the essence of the quality wanted for the works which determines the specific perfections sought in the renderings....
Consider, for instance, another projected idea - the backyard patio of a hilltop place, with two crossleggedly sitting women, one facing the viewer, the other facing the first.... the one on the right, who faces the other, is gesturing, and the other is with one hand about to apply to a board in front of her, and with the other holding the hand as if requesting a pausing in the gesturing.... but the gesturing one is blind.... this midground, behind the foreground of a large tree offset to the left, is in color..... around the background, as if within a crater wall, in blue undercoating, is the vision being presented by the blind one to the other who is putting it on the board - a canyon city...... the theme/title - "Re-Creation"...... the original idea was that of a pair of heavy-set twins, not fat, but more ample than the usual slim trim athletic kind, each very beautiful in their fullness..... but what if a different set were chosen - not twins, perhaps, or teenagers, or different sexes, or dark skinned - each of which would present a slightly different metaphoric relating than the others...... which, then, to choose - and why?


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