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Monday, December 18, 2006

In terms of utilizing the human form, this sense of the aggragate of individuality needs something more subtle - as the blatant would not do [for instance, having different 'races' to show individuality, something which could only work if the respective stereotypes are not true to type, and that the relationships between the individuals shown be as if among self-interested beings respecting same with others]... the difficulty also lies in not having the works being in any manner or fashion propaganda works, but as showings of metaphoric themes... for instance, in showing a community, there would be seen diversity in such individual notions as one's property arrangement, as opposed to a uniformity as so often seen in such viaualizations - there would still be seen a community, but it would then be seen as an aggragate of individuals, not as a tribal conglomeration... that it would be seen as mutual benefits among those shown, then would also be seeing the community as a spiritual flourishing of the individuals.....


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