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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The third of these grand scapes is the oldest - theme/titled "Metatropolis".... it was to be a cityscape on the grand canyon, as if Frank Lloyd Wright would have done it... it was to be a huge undertaking, with hundreds of various buildings along the cliff walls, with cantilevered pools and yards and gardens cascading downward to the river below - a lush terraforming... and, because of the amount of buildings involved, was put aside for later times - which have yet to come... again, this was conceived as one of the picture window 4 x 8 works... there were even considered variations of it - one using the gooseneck area, so to be able to contrast the uncultured with the civilized... part of the problem, tho, was in creating a work which stood on its own without being propagandist - something not so readily overlooked in this case... remember, the purpose of art is 'to show', to present an idealized view of a world in which the successfulness has come to pass, a pro-human world made in a human flourishing image, and contrasting that with the given from which came the transformation - and further, to present this as the normal course of events, as the proper sphere of human activity, as something to be proud of and glory in...


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