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Friday, December 01, 2006

A most often overlooked - done so because is never given conscious consideration - aspect of visualizing the world is that of the problem of paternalization.... for one, it is not given thought to that it is an aspect of tribalism, that individualism forbids paternalistic notions, recognising that it is on a one to one basis of conducting relationships - and that a grouping of individuals is not a tribe, but an aggregate and as such retains the individualists within as entities on their own even as they associate with their fellow individuals... this, however, affects how the spiritual visualizing of the world can be seen and in turn interpreted... it is one thing, for instance, to show a number of individuals interacting among themselves in a spirt of co-operation - and quite another to consider this as a commune relationship, when in fact it is nothing of the kind, as - despite the mythos - communes are not to human flourishing, and as such are inimical to the wellbeing of humans... this commune notion includes that of any tribalistic aspect, as they all are of the same, fundamentally - and that, of course, includes any paternalistic worldviews [even as it first seems this is contradicted by the history of mankind]... note the key word here - flourishing..... it is certainly true there is survivability here, but that does not translate into flourishing, in particularly the human qua human, only to some at the expense of others [indeed, the vast majority of others].... how, then, to present the viewing such that mis-understanding does not take place, that the spiritual visualizing is what it is, an individualist worldview - what, then is the means of presentation to achieving this provides much food for thought.....


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