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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Returning to an earlier issue, that of metaphoric relating of non-human objects, consider a just-completed rendering theme/titled "Mother Lode"... originally it was to include two figures, one on the right, seated on a flat rock, seated away but face turned to viewer, and the other a pregnant woman to the left of the trunk, facing to the light offstage to the left.... in addition, there was to be a far background of distant islets into the open sea.... only the tree remains, tho a shoot now occupies where the seated figure was to be, and a small sapling may yet rise where the pregnant woman was to be..... why the change? and what of an alternative with the two figures both being pregnant and over the hill edge, each on the outside of the trunk, and the islets off in the distance? and theme/titling that one "The Birthing Tree"..... by not having figures in the present work, has the metaphor of the theme/title bemissed? or has it become more inclusive and obstuse at the same time? is the distant background actually needed, or would it merely be an additive if little real consequence in the theme/titling? what if in the present one, there are several more saplings over the ledge? or would that be an un-necessary additive? what of the idea being considered of having a flock of distant birds forming the not done outline area of another leaves area below the ones on the right of the tree? in other words, would adding fauna to flora increase the value of the metaphoric relating?


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