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Sunday, July 22, 2007

How, then, does the virtue of rationality pertain to the spirituality of visualizing? The first thing to note is that the spirituality is in the valuing... within the four sides pf the artist's rendering comprises the "universe" of the composition, and the first to be asked and answered is - ratiomal or irrational universe.... extending this is the issue of application of the rational to the rational universe - in what among the constituents are to be of use for the furtherence of one's wellbeing as visualized.... is the landscape, for instance, "just" there, or is it controlled, delineated to purpose, or in process thereof - the wild field vs the planned garden, for instance, or the envision of nature [as in a Japanese Garden] or the "chaos" of nature, or the confinement of nature [as in an English Garden]..... in some respects, this seems as if repeating what has been said earlier, but the emphasis here is not epistemological but ethical - spiritual, providing the actioning of a value, the value of reason, the virtue of rationality.....


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