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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The virtue of integrity - how does one apply it to being a spiritual visualizer? For one, it would mean retaining the logical view of the long term outlook involved, and help co-ordinate the individual works into a congruent whole, each work non-contradictorially adding to the major themes.... this implies, of course, that there IS a long-term outlook to the collection of the to-be works... most visualizers, however, have none, leaving only their general 'sense of life' as the closest to being any kind of guide - prefering the range-of-the-moment impressions to be as on themselves, helter skelter, instead of as part of a unified whole.... why is there an ought involved with maintaining a unified whole?

For one, it fits within the framework of the plot of one's life, of the actualization of the self-made person..... this involves the conscious choosing of one's fundamental worldviews as deliberately chosen, instead of the usual hit/miss mess most make of their lives for lack of choesion in their planning of their futures.... this does not mean rigidity, a detailed map of what to do from one day to the next, regardless, as some would presume - but adhesion to the recognition of the value of reason and the understanding that to fully achieve the best in one's life requires consistancy in dealing with reality - and reason is the only means of gaining that consistancy.... in being a spiritual visualizer, this means keeping that created universe within as closely concurrent to reality, however others may disparage the visualizations or seek to unduly influence its corruption [for anything which is to demerit rationality is corruption to reality - it is one thing to deal with fiction, which deals with reality's possibilities, and another to deal with fantasy, which is an attempt at fraud in evading reality].... remember - integrity is the ability to hold to an ideal - BUT an ideal is only of value if it adheres to reality.....


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