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Monday, July 23, 2007

Subsumed under the virtue of rationality are supporting virtues - honesty, independence, justice and integrity...
In order to practice rationality, there must be independence in thinking and acting - indeed, independent thinking is a redundancy.. independence is the freedom from influence, guidance and control of others... "it means one's acceptance of the responsibility for forming one's own judgments and of living by the works of one's own mind"... independence is a prerequsite for creating - and this refers not only to the artist doing the rendering itself but moreso what is shown within the rendering...... thinking for oneself involves making decisions on composing that may seem viable to the artist but 'goes against perceived wisdom' at times - but that, if properly thought out, is the act of creation, of giving a visual to an ordering of values held by the artist that may or may not have been noticed before by anyone else, thus enriching all by the enlarging of the metaphoric relationships newly discovered...... further, it recognises that while there are logical inferences about arrangings in compositions, there are always exceptions and as such the validity as consequence of acting on one's own thinking of 'breaking the rules', not in any haphazard manner but as the logical or noncontradictory identifying end result of that act of creating - and as such, a conscious decision quite able of being explained....


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