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Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Honesty is the recognition that one cannot fake existence...", just as integrity is the recognition one cannot fake one's consciousness....... they go hand in hand, as is always the case in being an integrated person...... never attempting to faking reality means that one should remove from consideration, as much as possible, under the context of what at the time is known, all implication to fantasy - speculation of the possible, however, is different, for such is in the realm of fiction, a presenting of life 'as it could and ought to be'...... it is in keeping to this, within the four sides of the universe which is the visualizer's arena of showing, that the most scrupulous adherence to reality - to being honest - is most important.... and it is within the realm of the theming, which is the backbone of holding these all together, that the most creativity of possibilities can be rendered and made full use of - but only if adhering to the reasoning faculty...... dealing, for instance, with angels or unicorns or banchees, invoking strong emotions among the ignorants, does nothing to imparting understanding of the nature of being human and the requirements to being able to flourish and as such is a form of dishonesty, of claiming that which is not in the realm of the possible.....
This is in keeping to mind that the unreal is unreal and as such can have no value... why? because the objectivity of values means that in dealing with adherence to reality, values are facts - a thing will be objectively valuable to a person because it is in a life enhancing, human flourishing relationship to the person.... life enhancing means that it adheres to facts of reality, which are the means of enhancing - and as such are viable values... honesty, being the recognition that one cannot fake values, that one cannot pretend something is of value if it is objectively not, then is the deliberate principled renounciation of any pretending, that pretence cannot change anything, that evasions or distortions or misrepresentations do not alter the inviolability of reality - it is the recognition that ONLY existence exists...
The consequence of this is that it means taking ideas seriously - it means paying attention to the importance of what the visualizer is considering as important, both WHAT is to be shown and HOW it is to be shown...


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