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Monday, August 03, 2009

There are two more virtues yet to be dealt with - Purposefulness has one, Productivity... and Self-Esteem has one - Pride... how do these be involved with being a spiritual visualizer?

To begin with, Productivity is the virtue of acting to sustain oneself without being at the expense of others... a life without purpose is not a life, but a depraved existence... purpose is the infrastructure for living, the framework that allows one to take charge of one's life... productiveness is rationality put into practice... it is "the recognition of the fact," according to Rand, "that productive work is the process by which man's mind sustains his life, the process that sets man free of the necessity to adjust himself to his background, as all animals do, and gives him the power to adjust his background to himself"... how does this pertain to being a spiritual visualizer?

Productiveness is the adjustment of nature to man, and as such, to visualize this is the task of a spiritual visualizer - to show the practical consequences of using the mind, of taking the materials of reality and utilizing them to the betterment of humans, adjusting, as said, the background to the being... the spiritualness involved is in the showing of the flourishing consequences of taking those materials...

There is also the fact of the artist - rendering is the productiveness of the artist, the expressing of the artist's spiritual visualizing, the showing of the values held by the artist, and the practicality of the showing... in this regard, the artist is also as an entrepreneur, for the practicality of rendering is more than the mere creating, but the marketing of it, the making a living at it - not as a 'necessary evil [if it is necessary, it cannot be evil, for necessity is life enhancing and evil is life destroying or debilitating] but as a responsibility of the self to survive as a human in the chosen means of profession, being an artist, a successful artist... the marketing involved is the means of showing to others the importance of what is shown - a re-affirmation value to the viewer worth keeping and contemplating on as a means of refueling oneself, of having a concrete example to periodically turn to re-energize the self in whatever other endeavors are undertaken... the marketing, thus, is the practicalizing of the virtue of independence for the artist...

Does this mean monetary remuneration always comes to the productive artist? no, because while the basic reason a person needs be productive is to meet the needs for material values, and normally this is thru trade as means of payment for the work - this is not always the case... money is not the only type of material value, and not all work that creates material value is well compensated in the market... thus a person may need be making the money at a less productive, relatively undemanding job, in order to enable the more rewarding and challenging and productive work - in this case being that of the artist... this is often, perhaps especially so, when the artist as creator has blazed a new direction in creating, showing work which requires more conscious attention to being appreciated, or appeals to a more selective set of viewers... this does not detract from it being productive work, only that the burden of being able to achieve the creating may be harder than otherwise, a situation which, to the creator having the success of the creating, is, relatively speaking, small and unimportant... it is the doing, the creating, the visualizing which is the productive and thus the important - and in that regard, the success of being...


Blogger danadpatterson said...

I like it when you update this blog. There is no comment section on visioneer windows, so I am asking here: is that beautifully detailed bigger backyard going to render you senseless in its completion? The fine detail is mind-boggling to examine.

Thank you for sharing all this with us out here in Blogosphere.

August 3, 2009 at 3:27 PM  
Blogger visioneerwindows said...

Being an artist is, in effect [certainly when one creates from within one's own mind], being a world builder - so there is from the outset a joy at the prospect, and so long as there is interest within that 'being created' world, there is, for me at any rate, a desire to see it come into being in the fullest manner I am able to so do - to, if possible, 'draw the viewer into the world, sniffing the flowers, feeling the softness of the grasses, and the warmth of the sunlit sky...'... since there is no time limit on this, there is no pressure, just the joy d'vie... am well aware that this means an output of fewer works than many others - BUT, OH MY, WHAT WORKS THEY BE... [or so i like to think ;-)]

August 3, 2009 at 7:09 PM  
Blogger visioneerwindows said...

And thanks for bringing to my attention that comments on Visioneer Windows was hidden [I did not know it had been so set]

August 3, 2009 at 7:19 PM  

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