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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The key issue is that the image is for contemplation - that is, for viewing time and again with the gaining of new insights from the work each time... that which is worth contemplating, in the manner of enriching one's life, or adding to the flourishing of one's life, must then by its nature be positive - that is, a gain to the viewing of one's life... this is not to say that there are negatives to one's life, for of course there are always adversarial aspect to living, some of which can be tremendously influencing on the health of one's being - yes these, by the nature of life living, are not the norm nor can they be else there'd be no life to begin with... this holds true even with those few who begin their existance as humans under much negativeness - for, as in all living organism, where one begins is the playing field, and it is different for each and every, and further, is the point of exercising one's survivability - to the extent of it being how well that is achieved for that person which counts for the success or not of the flourishing for that individual... this, then, presages the contemplativeness of any work, and the affinity or not gained from viewing any work... this is emphasized because so often it is presumed a pro-life viewing is of a pollyanna nature, which is not true...