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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Like many works, "The Birthing Tree" has also taken a turn of evolving..... instead of being essentially a color version of "Mother Lode" with prenant women instead of sapplings and auxillary trunk, it now is best seen as a close-up of the trunk, which extends up beyond the viewer, on the right of the board, with one pregnant woman leaning against the trunk on the sunlit side, her feet lost in grass blades, and her hands behind her, she looking off into the distance beyond, where is seen the islets and sea.... with a layering of leaves from the far side hanging on the other further side of the trunk.... this still encapsulates the metaphoric relating sought in the first version, indeed giving it greater emphasis and clarity... of the age of the woman, obviously there are inside limits, so is best to give her the optimum and show her at her blooming finest. sunlit and full of grace......