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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In such as presenting renderings of still life, how, then, is the heroic to be shown? What kinds of objects would be used, and what is the nature of the arranging which would make for heroicness- or is it more in the manner in which these are shown, the coloration, or related sizes, or the unusualness of what is presented [for instance, a series of bottles on a railing, with one showing, thru it, a view of a woman on the beach behind - while the other ones show only printed matter of women]? What of articles involving things in the past - is this a manner in which heroic can be presented, or is it just as signalling of things past, to be cast aside for a progression of newer or more important ones, or - as so often done - a casting of nostalgia, a reversion of life gone, not to be? Much of still life has been as a piecing of the past, not as a sense of the future, a sensing of a decay and not of growth - even when in just presentations of such as books and tacked objects on the boards. As such, it has had a view given it as a sort of lesser kind of rendering, for all the technical skills which may go into the presenting - and even to the extent of claims of it not being 'real' art, but 'mere imitation' [itself an admission of inability to understanding the nature of such endeavorings - for there is indeed a distinct difference between imitating and re-presenting, the latter being what an artist actually does].