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Sunday, August 27, 2006

In presenting these views of spiritual manifestations, sometimes it must make allowances for practicality - that is, if the aim is to show, then there must be an optimum of size in which the showing can be most effective... much as it is great to be able to put the viewer 'into' the work, there is the matter of how much is need in order to be most effective in what is being presented... for instance, consider a projected work, entitled "Rite of Spring", in which is shown, on the right middle of a wide work, a kneeling woman, naked, legs spread, hands up in an invoking gesture, face upturned to skyward, and between her legs, on the moisted ground amidst the spread of snow at the edge of a woods, is a sprout, one of several seen in a curve to around the woods to the edge of a ground drop-off on the left of the woods... in the foreground, left side of the work, is the trunk of a tree, and off, aside the ground edge, is a series of rock ledges, leading to the distance, beyond another rise, of the city outline against the sky...... all this is in black/white, with the exception of the woman being chocolate, the shoots being green, and the lights in the distant cityscape being yellow... now, the original idea was to do this in pen/ink on a 48" x 96" canvas - or, perhaps, acid-free foamboard of that size.... however, for practicalness, a lesser size would be better, as not so many wall can hold such a wide work.... what, then, would be optimum size? if too small, say doing it on a 20" x 40" foamboard, the impact would be diminished, even as the showing would remain... personally, because of loving the large size, would rather it be the original, so - to compromise - the best alternative would be to render it in a 36" x 72" size, or to reconsider that the smaller size is not so optimum [this last because there comes the question of 'why' that size would not, as a pen/ink work, fill the bill for rendering.... these are ideas for thought in considering visualizations, as it is not a matter of whim, per se, in seeing to how well to present, but rather a seeking the most emphatic way of presenting, of exclaiming one's sense of importance to the matter at hand...