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Friday, November 12, 2004

How, then, does a visualizer go about the visualizing? To illustrate, let's take a theme, and ask questions about it.... consider 'coffee'.....perhaps the first image which might come to mind is that of the western campfire, wherein the cowboys are sitting, in cool morning air, and they're drinking their coffee...... another image which might come to mind is that of the evening, a dinner, and coffee being served in a romantic setting of two persons...... still another might be that of the woman on the porch, wrapped in a robe, sipping a cup as the sun comes over the hill...... there are many further questions which come to mind... which sex - why - what difference does each respectively engender...what age of the sex.....again, what makes a difference - why..... morning or evening - which and why......... all these questions are there because each of these options make for a difference in the presentation - in the theme as it is shown...... remember, the borders of the rendering defines a universe, and it is what is within that defines what is considered of importance respective to that universe.....