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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Often the case may be that there are many variations on theming, which can bring confusion to the artist, in that some may be seen as minor ones, not to be bothered with, or others being in conjunction with another theme/titling which at least in first glancing be considered as a better or more universal one.... this usually takes place with someone who had only recently began the understanding of the theme/titling metaphoric relating, and thus sees a number of similars in the visualizing.... the best way to getting the precision needed for the best compositions is then to make sketches of these variations, and set them alongside each other, that they be viewed as a group - thus allowing them all to be focused on at the same time..... in that way, the ones which better express the theme/titling will come forth more pronouncedly, and the others can then be reconsidered as perhaps overlays to be added to the work in some fashion, or reworked into different theme/titlings which bear similar to the original one.. sometimes, too, these variations are expressions of needing a more complex and/or a larger work which is then capable of incorporating these variations within the one work - a mural or picture window sized one, perhaps, thus allowing theming to be rendered over the whole area instead of one major and then expanded to filling space..... so long as didacticness is not being employed, this can bring forth a much more powerful masterpiece of the theme/titling - a major work, in other words.... a bit of caution is to be noted in this, however - the mural, properly, is still in the grand scaping, not that of the usually given of murals, a hodgepodge of assorted bits much like a collage instead of an integrated work...