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Thursday, April 14, 2005

It is worth taking note that there is more to Aesthetics than just the utilitarian and the contemplative - and that there is more to Art than just the 'fine arts'....... there is, for instance, the decorative arts.... in the evolution of humanity, the first instance of the aesthetics of contemplation was with the realm of decorating - particularly one's own body, and particularly with simplicity of forms as noticed among the reality around the persons of that time, even if within the confines of, say, the evening hours when so much is in 'outline' form.... it was the first attempts at providing something just a bit more than mere utilitarian - something in which there was a specialness added - not so much in sense of ownershio, but as if of a greater valuing than if without..... it goes hand in hand with the increased sense of aesthetics involved with the making of whatever object at hand - a bowl, for instance, where the craftmanship has improved from the rudimentary to refined of form, and now added the decoration of enhancement.... to a degree, this can be said to have a sense of contemplation, if only in appreciation of the geometrics involved, but as these were not a seeking of likeness, there was nothing in the way of the sense of contemplation as is understood today.....
Decorative arts stand in between these major directions of utilitarian and contemplative in that there is an increasing of more than mere utilitarian to the objects, yet not so much as seeking renewal in abstract contemplating as is found in the re-presentative works... it holds its place thru the design factoring, savoring the sense of beauty in forms and colorings, and the arrangements of such, as to increase the valuing, as said, of the objects on which these decoratings took place.... to some utilitarian works, as time went on - architecture, for instance - the aesthetics of design becomes overwhelming at times, far away more than needed for the mere utilitarian of the objects.... yet, even so, the field of endeavoring is that of utilitarian - high craftmanship, if one wishes to say... and if the designing is so far into that where the utilitarian is not practical, as in some fancy bowls with open holes so as to not hold liquids - stil, as per the concept of that object being a bowl, it falls into the utilitarian [and as such, a poor utilitarian, as its prime purpose has then been disrupted and/or distorted... [usually in a flawed attempt to imitate art and seek to be included in another field, even as there is little to any contemplativeness other than the decorativeness... remember, for contemplativeness, there must be cognitive visuality - re-presentativeness - in order to see any grasping of theming.....


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