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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It is not enough, however, to be concerned with values - in so far as being a spiritual visualizer... there is more to life than sustanence... there must be flourishing to be living life as human qua human... this has to do with the fact that what makes a life good is its being led in a life-furthering fashion... this is to say, a life-enhancing living... how to go about this, how to integrate possibilities of the material to this, is what a spiritual visualizer does - showing possibilities of successfully being in that world in which the flourishing resides... the issue, tho, is how the person then manages that which is within the person's control, within the realm of that person's choices - and this entails all the social strata of viable living, that is, above the sustanence level... moreover, this is a sum-plus in that the furtherance of this life-enhancing action tends to increase the wellbeing more and more, so that the end result will be greater than what had been before [all other factors or situations being equal - namely those matters which are NOT under the person's control ]...


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