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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The thing which must be most remembered, the idea most important, is that 'existance exists'... this is not an idle statement, but the prime axiom, one so prime that even any attempt to refute it requires its usage - and thus its acceptance... what does this axiom mean? it means that what exists has ALWAYS existed, and always will - that something cannot, by its nature, come from 'nothing' (which is not some other 'kind of something' but is merely a designation of the absence of something... the second thing which must be remembered is that, by its nature, what exists is integrated - that there are no contradictions in reality, that when one is perceived, then there is a need to check premises, for one or more of those are in error... this integratedness is important to remember with regards to spirituality, for it is the hallmark which, in reality, removes the notion of any mind/body dichotomy, and which points out that if one is perceived, then there is an error in the perceiving... this also points the way that a 'spiritual visualizer' helps in practicalizing the ethics of being human - by showing examples of the integratedness between the non-material and the material of reality... of, as it were, 'being as one with the universe', an integrated aspect of it in living and flourishing as humans...


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