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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

One of the things which have come to mean so much to me is the recognition that the purpose of an artist is far more than has generally been considered... an artist is, by the fact of 'showing' that which is of importance to that artist, a Spiritual Visualizer, a person who has undertaken the responsibility of elucidating moral ideals... in effect, this means the practicalizing of the personal, of giving meaning to the material of the universe - NOT, properly, in any supernatural or fantasy mindset, but by dealing with reality, by integrating the non-material with those materials with which the person possesses and has,by that possessing, given importance to... note that to elucidate is not to moralize like a philosopher, but to act as a visualizer - to show possibilities in the world around us, according, properly, to a rational being (that is, a human being acting according to its nature)... note also that this personalness is in contrast with the social, which is the political, which - properly - is the ethics of dealing with persons qua persons, individuals together as aggregates... and note further that this integrating is not just the short-term of item by item, but the long-term of the being as a whole dealing with its purposefulness...


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