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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It should be noted that while the goal of life sets the standard of ethics, the identification of this standard does not, by itself, tell everything which is needed to be known in order to achieve that goal... just as knowing one's purpose requires a standard of measuring as to whether that purpose is being advanced or not, so too a standard must sometimes be supplimemted by more specific instructions or information... in this case, the objective, life, is a long-ranged, widely encompassing project... countless discrete actions can affect an individual's life, and recognising the exact nature of their impact often requires sifting thru layers of subordinate values and interlocking aspects of one's welfare... actions' net effects are often not apparent... to say that life is the standard of value is, while important, extremely abstract... if the identification of this standard is to provide fruitful guidance, what is then needed is more specific instructon... this is what nornative ethics provides... illustrating this normativeness is what being a spiritual visualizer is all about...


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