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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Spirituality means recognising that life simply 'is', a normal aspect of existance within the universe, and that whatever meaning is applied to it - is PERSONAL, one one gives to oneself, and directs as such, as one's own 'captain of soul'... creating, as such, one's own destiny... one way to help in doing this is to understand what aesthetics itself is all about - the science of beauty - involving order, proportion, balance, harmony, and grace... this way, one can learn to discern those aspects of the utilitarian which lead one to appeal to them and desire them, even if only as visual aspects of reality which remind one of interrelationships with the world at large... that is, one could say, the purpose of it being within the crafts - and why those crafts themselves are used within the created realms of the renderer, the artist... this also involves understanding that there is a spirituality of productiveness, of the utilitarian aspect of survivalship for being human... productiveness is a form of practicalizing ethics, with the spirituality involved in the qualitification of that productiveness - especially from the personal standpoint of the individual... productive ability is a moral value - and, like all values, a course of virtue is required in order to gain and/or keep it... this means recognising that all "work is an act of creating, and comes from the same source - from an inviolate capacity to see thru one's own eyes", Rand wrote... a businessman/woman, fully as much as an artist, or artisan, is an exponent of spirituality... moreover, since there is the key factor of integration involved, an artist or artisan, fully as much as a businessman/woman, has to be involved in the material of the universe... one could well say that Art, like any legitimate area of endeavor, has a life-sustaining purpose - and that its creation demands objective, reality-oriented thought, with then embodiment of that thought in a physical medium... this further means that there is no such sense of opposing the 'spiritual' versus the 'material', that no rational area may be pitted against another - that ALL proper arenas or fields require thought AND action - that ALL exemplify the integration of mind and body, as is the naturalness of the universe... remember - there are no contradictions within the universe, and if one is perceived, then there is a need to check the premises, for one or more of those are in error...


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