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Friday, February 11, 2005

One of the things which might have been noticed was that the rendering was done in pen/ink, not - as to be expected - in acrylic paints..... this was partly bercause of the love with working with the possibilities of textures which can be transcribed with the fineness of the pen... too, there is the metaphysical issue of absolutes being implied here - the ink and the paper constitute black and white, yet all manner of shades come forth from these ultimate absolutes, a reminder, in effect, that greys are indeed composed of blacks and whites..... consequently, there is, in me, a competing issue - that of black/white, or color - and each proscribes different 'sense of life' issues, and thus provides good contrast to the psychologicalness of these differents.... many years ago, did a still life of a bonsai, two in fact, one being black/white and the other in color - just to show how different the understanding of the subject can be depending on which is shown, what is being marked as different in emphasis...... it was an exercise in this, just as this is, in effect, the same - a personal judging as to what is best in persenting the theme/titles....... as a spiritual visualizer, which most shows that essence - that is what determines whether color or not.....


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