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Sunday, April 10, 2005

In engaging in this visualizing, in seeing, as it were, the world thru the eyes of 'theming', it must be remembered that in so doing, many visuals will come to mind without prompting, and it can - to those used to introspecting - be disconcerting not to be able to identify those aspects of the visual which the abstract theme/title brought forth..... but not to worry - this means that for the artist, as much as for the viewers, the act of contemplation is there - enough, for the moment, that there is a visualization for the theming, and, to that extent, can give forth some sense-of-life reasoning for thus..... remember, ALL WORKS OF ART HAVE THEMES, even if the theming is no more than the sense-of-life without further introspecting, and as such has no given theme/title even [as is so oft the case with most artists]...
Seeing the world thru the eyes of theming - seeing metaphoric relationships among all that comes before the artist's viewing, whether thru the eyes, or thru written or heard words, or even thru hearing, whether the sounds of, say, birds or music - is a learning, an automatizing of the skill of integrating the abstract with the concretes..... in so doing, after a time, it becomes the same as if with walking - no conscious thought given to it....


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