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Friday, April 01, 2005

If postulating a rational universe - that is, of one as which is the real - becomes the norn, and the showing of the possibilities as the proper mode of thought regarding presentations, what is, then, the issue of deciding the importances of what is to presented.... that is, a grand landscape of the projected world as desired to be in, or a still life of a minutae within that world, or a presentation of alternatives according to diversed views of the nature of relationships - which to do.... and why.... here, the matter becomes more a case of where one's own focusing is in terms of interests, skills - and what is to the individual as artist considered of prominant importance... there is, to be sure, merit for any of the positions, as each reinforces the pro-humanity, enlarging on the 'showing' possibilities as envisioned by Rand.... as noted in the 'sister' site [ ], there is a developing wealth of diversed applications - some are landscapes, some are still lifes, some are at first glance animal studies - and others are as becoming erotic presentations - all upholding the joy of flourishing as being human, yet not all in the same realm as of importance to the showing..... why is this - what is it which within the subconsciousness brings forth such differentnesses? a very good question, one which needs much thought and introspection to come to answering.... for now, suffice to say it was at least at first a means of expressing a showing in many otherwise overlooked examplings of the fundamentals of moral presentating.... and time of doing has some bearing as well, as with so many ideas coming forth, there is a need to decide how much is to be spent in doing presentings, and how much is needed in the complexities - especially of such as grand landscapes - if the fullness of the proposition is to be achieved.... the mind, to be sure, indeed needs itself a shifting in terms of dealing with complexities - and this allows for the trivial to be of worth doing, even as other more complex notions form into muscles, there is a stretching and there is a contracting - both needed to achieve maximum results on the long term...... as time goes on, tho, there will inevitably be a shifting to some form of specialization, concentrating on select areas to further that arena - leaving the rest to others to enlarge as they would conceive....


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